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class MessageManager

A manager inside the GirdWorld that tracks the received and send messages between agents and their teams.

This provides several advantages: - an easier connection between MATRX Core, MATRX API, and the Front-end for messages (e.g. to differentiate between messages send between agents and to teams in the Front-end through a simple api call: ‘get_team_messages’). - an easy way to log communication (as the messages are easily obtained from a GridWorld instance, through some methods).

preprocess_messages(self, tick, messages, all_agent_ids, teams)

Preprocess messages for sending, such that they can be understood by the GridWorld.

For example: if the receiver=None, this means it must be sent to all agents. This function will process

the receiver=None to a seperate message directed at every agent.


Current tick of the gridworld


All messages sent from the agent brains in the gridworld, and received via the api


IDs of all the agents


fetch_chatroom_ID(self, chatroom_type, agent_IDs=[], team_name=False)

Fetch the ID of a chatroom using various bits of info


Either “private” for private charooms send between 2 agents, or “team” for messages between teams.

agent_IDslist (optional)

List of the agent IDs part of that chatroom

team_namestr (optional)

The name of the team, which is used as chatroom name

fetch_chatrooms(self, agent_id=None)

Fetch all the chatrooms, or only those of which a specific agent is part.

agent_idstr (optional, default, None)

ID of the agent for which to fetch all accessible chatrooms. if None, all chatrooms are returned.


A dictionary containing a list with all “private” chatrooms, all “teams” chatrooms, and a “global” key, accessible via likewise named keys.

fetch_messages(self, agent_id=None, chatroom_mssg_offsets=None)

Fetch messages, optionally filtered by start tick and/or agent id.

agent_idstring (optional, default=None)

Only messages received by or sent by this agent will be collected. If none, all messages will be returned.

chatroom_mssg_offsets: dict (optional, default=None)

A dict of chat IDs, with for each ID from which message onward to send new messages.


Dictionary with as key the chatroom IDs, followed by the chatroom objects containing among others the chatroom messages.

copy_message(self, mssg, from_id, to_id)

Copy a message while keeping the potentially custom message type and custom message properties. Global and team messages have to be subdivided into individual messages for each receiving agent. This function copies a message while paying attention to any custom message classes used and their custom properties, in addition to making sure the message has a unique message ID.


original message instance. Can be the default Message() class, or a class that inherits from it.


the new sender ID.


the new receiver ID.


the new message instance with the same class and custom properties as mssg, with the provided from_id and to_id.

class Chatroom(ID, name, type='private', agent_IDs=[])

A chatroom object, containing the messages from various agents from that chatroom.

add_message(self, mssg)

Add a message to the chatroom


The message to be added