AreaTile(location[, name, visualize_colour, …])

A simple AreaTile object.

Battery(location[, name, …])

A simple example of an object with an update_properties method that is called each simulation step.

CollectionDropOffTile(location[, name, …])

An area tile used to denote where one or more objects should be dropped.

CollectionTarget(location, …[, name])

An invisible object that tells which objects needs collection.

Door(location[, is_open, name, open_colour, …])

Door base object, can be used to define rooms.

SmokeTile(location[, name, …])

An object representing one tile of smoke.

SquareBlock(location[, name, visualize_colour])

An example of a simple object with a set of attributes that are always the same.

Wall(location[, name, visualize_colour])

A simple Wall object.