How to contribute


What docstring format does MATRX use?
MATRX uses the Numpy docstring format.
How can I change the default docstring format in PyCharm?
Open the settings, and go to Tools > Python Integrated Tools > NumPy.
How can I generate the Readthedocs documentation locally to test my documentation changes?
Make sure you have all dependencies from requirements.txt installed.
Go to the MATRX/docs folder in a terminal
Type: make html
Open: MATRX/docs/build/html/index.html in your browser
I added a function / class (e.g. new agent type), but it does not show on readthedocs, what do I do?
The documentation generation on readthedocs is semi-automatic. New classes might have to be added manually.
To add a new class to be mined by readthedocs, in MATRX go to the folder /docs/source/sections.
Open the file that matches your category, e.g. for a new agent that is /docs/source/sections/agents.rst.
Add your new class to the list in similar fashion as the other already present classes.
Check if your changes worked as you expected locally before pushing (see the question above).
Push your changes and create a merge request for your branch to dev, after which will be automatically updated with your changes.