Installation and first run

Installing MATRX

MATRX runs on Python 3.6 or higher.

Obtaining the latest MATRX release: The latest release of MATRX can be found on the `Github page:<>`_). Download or clone the file structure to your workspace.

Installing dependencies: The 3rd-party packages required to run MATRX are defined in requirements.txt. Using PIP:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Using Conda:

conda install --file requirements.txt

First run

From the MATRX workspace location, start the testbed mainloop and visualization server:: python3

Open a web browser and visit the MATRX’ god view visualization by opening the following link:: http://localhost:3000/god

Other views, such as the agent view and human-agent view can be opened via the start page, accessable from:: http://localhost:3000/

Please follow the Tutorials to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of MATRX.