MATRX documentation

Welcome! This is the class and function reference documentation for the huMan-Agent Teaming; Rapid eXperimentation Software (MATRX).

After having installed MATRX (see installing MATRX) and having tried out one or more tutorials (see the tutorials on the MATRX website), additional information can be found here on specific classes, functions and parameters that are not described in a tutorial.

Reference by Category


Learn MATRX’ way of creating worlds.


Check this section for a piece of the agents’ minds.

Object placement

Make the world more worldlike by placing objects in it.


Agents can perform actions.

Simulation goals

Goals can be specified that track progress and determine when the simulation should end.


Defining a world containing objects, agents, actions, and simulation goals.


Connecting MATRX to other software, such as GUIs or frameworks.


Communication between agents via messages.


Logging of results during an simulation.