MATRX documentation

Welcome! This is the documentation for Man-Agent Teaming; Rapid eXperimentation Software (MATRX).

MATRX a 2D-discrete testbed to facilitate Human Agent Teaming (HAT) research. The original use case in MATRX is an urban search and rescue operation in which pairs of a human and an autonomous system have to locate and rescue victims. However, MATRX is very versatile and can, therefore, also be used in many other cases.

Reference by Category


Learn MATRX’ way of creating worlds.


Check this section for a piece of the agents’ minds.

Object placement

Make the world more worldlike by placing objects in it.


Agents can perform actions.

Simulation goals

A certain goal is set for the simulation to end.


Defining a world containing objects, agents, actions, and simulation goals.


Connecting MATRX to other software, such as GUIs or frameworks.


Useful functions.